A Startup Worth Fighting For


Helix energy powder is among the best energy drink mixes I have ever tried.

HELIX Review (and award) from “The Examiner”

This newcomer onto the field provides more than just another orange drink in powder form, but will change the way you get your energy fix. Sure, some companies have come out with energy drink mixes before, but this is the first I have seen which does not make any big health benefit claims, does not cost ten bucks a pack and comes in a very easy to transport pack. I really hope this drink makes it out to the public – it has all the right ingredients to be a real winner in this market.The people producing this mix are still in business infancy. This is one of those ideas that I really hope makes it to mass- market soon, as it has some real potential. With a great package and a winning mix, this has the chance for something special. All that is needed now is a reallly smart promotional and advertising push – something that will land this in the convenience stores and groceries, and ultimately get this drink to the point everyone can grab a stick. I am sincerely hoping they make it, because the samples they sent me have all run out, and I am already jonesing for more.


As far as I understand, the point of this mix is it is supposed to do the job at an inexpensive price – and this excels beyond what I could have expected for energy – and still gives the other energy drink nutrients we all like. This is full of B vitamins and Taurine, while still only having 10 calories per pack. This means that this is not supposed to be the same kind of drink mix as Zenergize, or one of the other “healthy” energy drink mixers using stevia and green tea powder. There is a very nice 160mg of caffeine in one of these packs, which gave me a great boost which lasted for a long time and left no crash.


This drink mix also is without the citric acid/sodium bicarbonate mix, so not only does it not fizz up and leave nasty bubble scum at the lip of your water bottle, but it also does not taste like baking soda. This is a REAL advantage over the other mixes, as there has been only one drink mix I have tasted that fizzes that was truly delicious that was carbonated(zipfizz orange soda mix). While this drink mix is definitely harsh when tasted by itself, it is a strong and flavorful orange, not at all weak even in a full 16oz bottle. The orange does not taste at all natural – flavored more like tang than an actual orange, but that was expected from this kind of drink.


I like the overall helix design, and I found out that the packages are slightly water resistant – as I accidentally soaked a pack near the sink. I really like the overall DNA line, looking very scientific and clean, rather than going silly and extreme. The designer did a great job putting all the information on there, although I would really have liked to see the caffeine content on the package, especially since it is so substantial. Although these sticks are not for individual sale, I would put more info to get hold of the company so if you do chance upon one you could pick up a stack. I do think this type of packaging is better than the hard plastic packaging, and certainly better than the lightweight and easily trashed lipton and crystal light packages. Overall, I think this is a winning package that does a great job selling and promoting the mix.