“This stuff is really good, convenient and no crash. I love it!”

Dear Helix, First and foremost I would like to say thank you very much for sending out some samples to us serving overseas. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, serving as an active duty Marine. We, as Marines, have tried every concoction in the book to help us stay awake and alert. From Monster to No Doze – you name it we’ve indulged in it. That being said I would like to give you some feedback regarding what we think.

To start off, I have become a master at mixing powdered drinks. Getting a drink to taste right often takes some testing. Not with Helix. Add two packs as is advertised and BAM! You have yourself a clean taste that isn’t too strong but doesn’t taste watered down either. The packs make it much easier to mix in a bumpy Humvee!

Secondly, IT WORKS! That is by far the best part. We work 7 days a week. Often long hours each day. When we say it works, it works. As I said, we’ve tried many imitators. Now I look forward to ordering Helix for the rest of my platoon. I often drink Helix just after early morning workouts  so I can be sure to start my day off right.

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“HELIX is great for me before, during, or after a game or workout. No carbonation means my stomach won’t get upset and the boost of energy never hurts!”

Anthony J.