HELIX Drinks Signs Matt Waldin


HELIX Drinks Signs Matt Waldin for the 2011 Formula Drift Season (Little Rock, AR – January 3, 2011) – HELIX Drinks is excited to announce their title sponsorship of the Matt Waldin Racing professional drift team for the 2011 Formula Drift Series. This sponsorship combines the energy of HELIX Drinks with the skill and power

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New Year and New Look


West Chester, PA (PRWEB) – February 11th 2011, Matt Waldin Racing
is preparing the new Helix powered 350z for action in the 2011 Formula
Drift circuit. This will be the first year the team is running the
full Formula Drift schedule. At the end of last year with the help of Brian Crower, the 350z
got a serious kick

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That Guy With Glasses


HELIX Review from “That Guy With The Glasses” With the small success of Energy Rush Citrus, I decided to try another energy mix, this time Helix Orange. Helix Orange is from the (gasp) Helix Drinks company. The drink has won several awards since its release in 2008, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to

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HELIX Review from: “Caffeine-A-Holic” Energy mixes are becoming one of my favorite products (if done right).  You can throw some in your desk drawer, in your pocket, or in your car for whenever you need a pick me up.  These are great because all you need is some water and you have yourself an energy

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Addicted 2 Energy


HELIX Review from “Addicted 2 Energy” RATING: 8.7 OUT OF 10 Yesterday, 10 of what is called Helix arrived at my doorstep. Helix is just like Crave only an orange flavor instead of whatever flavor Crave was supposed to be. So, the directions told me to dissolve the entire packet into a 16.9 ounce bottle,

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Energy Fiend


HELIX Review from: “Energy Fiend” Helix is a newcomer to the energy drink market.They have only one product currently and it hasn’t been out for very long. None the less they’ve received awards from examiner.com as being among the best energy products of 2008. Combine that with some pretty cool branding and my curiosity is

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