Sigma Human Performance Endorses Helix


“At Sigma, we are constantly on the hunt for nutritional products that will enhance the performance of the athletes we coach. Not only must these products provide an ergogenic benefit, but it is critical that they do so in a manner that is not disruptive to an athlete’s sensitive digestive tract.

Helix is perfect combination of natural stimulants that increase an athletes’ level of awareness and focus, and, due to its organic and gluten-free formulation it actually has a calming effect on the stomach and digestive tract. Additionally, we have found that through use of ginseng and caffeine, Helix actually increases the availability of carbohydrates in the blood, which serve as the primary sources of fuel for the muscle and brain. With all of these factors combined with Helix’s incredibly pleasing taste, we at Sigma fully endorse and recommend Helix as a complement to any athlete’s nutritional strategy.”

-Benjamin Stone MS Dphil
Founder of Sigma Human Performance

About Sigma

Sigma Human Performance is the nation’s foremost authority of endurance training and strives to provide the most direct pathways towards achieving anyone’s fitness and/or endurance goals. Sigma sets the standard for a variety of advanced metabolic test data typically available only in university and medical settings. Sigma specializes in using this information to deliver training protocols in a manner than is understandable, flexible, precise and applicable to an athlete of any nature.

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