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HELIX Review from “That Guy With The Glasses”

With the small success of Energy Rush Citrus, I decided to try another energy mix, this time Helix Orange. Helix Orange is from the (gasp) Helix Drinks company. The drink has won several awards since its release in 2008, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get some free samples. Though many people have praised Helix Orange, I wouldn’t bet money on it being great…


I really like the package of Helix Orange. The DNA on a white package is pretty intriguing and matches its slogan, “The New DNA of Energy.” I don’t quite understand what “Helix” means, or why they chose orange as there first flavour, I would of picked cranberry or fruit punch. Either way, there’s no two thoughts about the package being good looking. One thing that bugs me is the purple DNA thing in the name “Helix.” Shouldn’t it be orange? I don’t know…4/5


I ripped the top off and poured it in the bottle. It comes out looking like neon, yet some how dull orange colour. The scent is Orange Tic Tacs, which I’m sure everyone knows are the best Tic Tacs… The flavour is best described as a weak orange taste, with a good level of tartness and sweetness. There’s no after taste, which is good. It goes down really smooth, making it an adequate thirst quencher. Overall, the flavours pretty good, being very true to the fruit its mimiking…3.8/5


Each packet contains: citric acid, natural flavours, caffeine, sucralose, ginseng, and Vit. B6, B12, and C. This mix gave me a pretty good buzz. I didn’t feel like going crazy or anything, but Jesus Crow did my alertness go up. I felt full or energy. Because of the lack of sugar, these feelings lasted around four or so hours…4/5


While I did have my doubts, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with Helix Orange. The flavour, the kick, and the packaging were all above average, something that energy drinks usually can’t do, let alone energy drink mixes. Overall, while I do feel that the flavour could be a little stronger, its an impressive product which leaves me waiting in excitement for Helix’s next flavour…3.9/5